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Fast Track Resource Request

Institutions that are looking for services and wish to contract and pay professional suppliers directly are invited to submit a ‘Fast Track’ request via the form below. Because Fast Track requests do not involve funding support, they can be processed within a short period of time following submission.

In this arrangement, institutions will be provided with contact information for a selection of qualifying suppliers, and the institution will be responsible for selecting, contracting and directly paying the supplier of their choosing. 

Submit a Fast Track Resource Request

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Fast track application
We are interested in connecting with suppliers providing the following services (select all that apply) *
I understand that institutions submitting a CVLP Fast Track resource request will be entirely responsible for all negotiations, contracts and payment to the supplier(s) they select. The Fast Track process provides contact information only, institutions are responsible for conducting their own due diligence on suppliers sourced through the CVLP. By submitting this form, you agree to share the information provided in accordance with our privacy policy. *

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