Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS)


The Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) Focus and Foresight Reports are a series of visual reports that tell data-driven stories about the VLS and the plausible futures of virtual learning across Ontario. The Focus Reports highlight different aspects of the VLS investment, such as collaboration and the creation of learner-driven digital by design educational materials. The Foresight Reports expand on the VLS pillar of ‘Being the Future’ by exploring maturing trends in the Ontario postsecondary sector and situating the VLS in the futures of virtual learning.

Collection 2: Second Round of Virtual Learning Strategy Funding

Focus Reports

2022 Focus Report: Launching the Second Round of the Virtual Learning Strategy: Expanding the Capacity and Quality of virtual learning

Co-creating Digital-by-Design Postsecondary Education: This report explores the ways in which Virtual Learning Strategy project teams are leveraging their network of co-creators as they design inclusive, flexible, and innovative digital learning experiences and resources. Co-creators are any contributors to VLS projects, both team members and other contributors, who come from a variety of backgrounds and are actively involved in the co-creation of digital learning experiences and resources. 

Foresight Reports

Scaling Ubiquitous Learning: An ecosystem that enables learning from anywhere, at anytime

Learning Ecosystems:  exploring networks co-created for purposeful collaboration and coordination of learning.

Teaching and Learning Roles: exploring the changing roles of teachers and learners in a transitional environment.

Navigating Lifelong Learning: this report explores factors that are creating the need for continuous and diverse learning.

Collection 1: First Round of Virtual Learning Strategy Funding 

Focus Reports

Launching the Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS): The Call, The Reposonse, and the Results

Connecting to Create: Platforms to Create Ontario’s Virtual Learning Solutions

Ontario Open: Sharing Resources to Enhance Equity and Access

Ontario Working Together: Collaborative Foundations for Virtual Learning Innovation

The Impacts of the Virtual Learning Strategy: Investing in Ontario’s Virtual Learning Future

Foresight Reports

The Hybrid Futures: This report explores building a hybrid campus.

Tomorrow’s Learners: This report explores inspiring intentional actions today to shape future inclusive campus communities that center and celebrate the diverse, intersectional identities of their learners.

Lifelong Learning: This report explores empowering lifelong learners and creating opportunities for growth.

Shaping the Future Workforce: This report explores driving forces that underlie workforce conditions, the skills that are valuable for the future, and what work readiness will mean for Ontarians.

Leading Virtual Learning Innovation: This report analyzes how Ontario is enabling digital transformation through local innovation with ripple effects for global impact.

Foresight Report Review: This report synthesizes a year of foresight research intended to support institutions in navigating transformation by addressing immediate and short-term challenges, while articulating long-term visions for systems level evolution.

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